Ever go to do something but you are told to hold off? What about the promise you received from God that you still haven’t seen? And that appointment that you showed up to on time or before time but when you got there you still had to sit around for a while. Or when you’ve set a time to leave, are dressed and ready to go, but the person going with you is still fumbling through what they are going to wear. I don’t care who you or what your situation is, the truth is nobody likes to wait.

The frustration of waiting. The feeling that your time which is valuable, as well as something you will never get back, is being taken for granted or disrespected. The idea that what you are waiting for may never happen so you lose faith or give up believing for it. Simply put, waiting is not easy. In fact, if you are honest you can admit that failing to wait and moving ahead of time has at one point or another cost you money, more loss time and or has been the cause of more problems…. that could’ve been avoided had you waited. But waiting is not always a bad thing. I’ve found that while waiting is not easy, doing so has caused me to work on a few areas in my personal life.

1)  Self discipline – If I can’t control myself, my actions and reactions, then what that says is I’m not in control. If I’m not in control then my life will always be out of order.

2) Perseverance – Fainting is easy. Giving up is common. Quitting takes no effort. It takes strength to persevere.

3) Faith – Disbelief comes natural because we are taught from birth to determine what something is or is not by what we see.

4) Trust – It’s hard to trust in something or someone who constantly fails you, but once it’s proven to do what it said it builds your confidence in it.

When God instructs us to wait it’s always for a reason. Sometimes that reason is not understood right away. There are times that He uses the act of waiting to work on us, other times it’s to work through a situation before we get involved and then there are times He’s working on the other person(s) that are involved. We’ve all had that one time that we had to turn back around because we forgot something at home that we needed, we fussed all the way there, then when back in route to our destination we passed a bad accident…. and we said to ourselves….. Wow! If I hadn’t turned back around that would’ve been me in that 6 car pile up. We often forget that God knows what He’s doing. And in the process of Him doing, He’s also protecting and watching over us.

It’s T Time! So lets talk about it….

Timing is so important. Ask a baker. Or a doctor in the maternity ward. Or a driver trying to move over in traffic. While fast food is convenient and keeps us from having to wait long periods of time, what fast food offers is not always good for us. In so many ways when we pull up in life wanting our promises to come at a low cost and no wait like fast food, what we end up with is usually inconsistent, premature, unprepared and unhealthy results which leaves us with false expectations. The great thing about God is many times we have to wait He has already given us a promise that we can hold on to in the process of us waiting. We just have to see that the promise given is a fit for the process in which we’re encountering. The bible offers us many encouraging Scriptures on waiting. Isaiah 40:31 reminds us that “They that wait on the Lord shall renew their strength. They shall mount up with wings as eagles, they shall run and not be weary, they shall walk and not faint.” This scripture is encouraging because many times when we’re in the process of waiting we become weary and lose hope thinking time is running out. However, according to this Scripture waiting produces the total opposite in us. It doesn’t take away from us causing us to lose, but it adds to us causing us to gain strength, momentum and endurance. There are a few things I am waiting on God to do. At times where my patience begins to weaken and I find myself asking God, “How much longer”, He is faithful to remind me of the promise He gave me many years before I found myself waiting for the need. And because I’ve seen Him come through before, and know Him to be a man of His word, it helps me to pause, breathe, get my second wind and continue hanging in there for the duration of the process. When you find yourself waiting asking how long, go back to the beginning and remind yourself of what God said concerning what you’re waiting on. Always remember God cannot lie, so if He said it it shall come to pass. Allow Him to work on you in the process and trust Him to do just what He said. When you find yourself waiting asking how long, go back to the beginning and remind yourself of what God said concerning what you’re waiting on.

T’s truth in love…. <3