There are several times a year we observe holidays that are meaningful to us because of our history. These days are usually a time we spend reflecting on the work, effort and success of individuals, while honoring them for the price they paid and celebrating their accomplishments. Depending on your background, your upbringing, your past experiences and your belief, not all holidays have the same meaning for all people. What you approve or like you will support, and what you disagree with or dislike you will turn a cold shoulder, blind eye and closed ear to. But how much of what we celebrate do we even understand the history, reason and meaning behind it?

This coming weekend is a major celebration for believers. We recognize Friday as Good Friday. It is the day that we believe Jesus paid the ultimate price by giving His life. His crucifixion marks the end yet a new beginning. Why a new beginning? Because His death was the end but it wasn’t final. He was crucified and buried, but on the third day He rose. The third day is Sunday which we recognized as Resurrection Sunday. But this weekend and day is also recognized by many as Easter weekend/Sunday. A weekend we see the bunny rabbit on display in stores and as decor on doors. He even shows up at many churches these days. A day that decorative baskets are largely sold filled with chocolate . A day where colorful eggs are given and even hidden full of surprises. While I never understood what a rabbit has to do with eggs since eggs don’t come from a rabbit, research says that the rabbit and egg both symbolize spring and rebirth. How interesting. Jesus was laid in a tomb and hid from man and eggs are laid on the ground and hid from children. The tomb held a valuable treasure and eggs hold treats. The discovery of Jesus disappearance from the tomb was a surprise because Mary expected Him to be there, and what little children find in their eggs are a surprise because they are unaware of what’s in it prior to them finding it. Though both have similarities that reflect being buried, hidden, found with an end result of bringing joy to others, only one is authentic to being consistent in the joy it brings. The Monday after Sunday, little children and families go back to living life as usual, wrapping up the consumption of the few pieces of candy and chocolate they have left over. The eggs get misplaced, trampled over, tossed around and thrown away and the bunny rabbit disappears for a whole entire year. But the Savior! Our Lord and King! The Father of truth and life! He remains seated on the throne, never hidden or put away and He never disappears because He is real and alive.

It’s T Time! So lets talk about it….

Resurrection Sunday has become a day where the church rightfully acknowledges the resurrection of Christ. In the attempt to get the message across we have also adopted the bunny and eggs that we use as bait to reach people who wouldn’t normally pay us any attention the other 52 Sundays in the year. Creativity is afforded to us because we serve a God who is creative and detailed. But creativity can harm us and work against our mission when we go outside of God to get creative. When we use traditions that we’ve seen work for others and or implement strategies that appeal to the masses, we may reach them but are they being pointed toward God or us? It’s important for Christians to be wise with what we introduce, support and even make acceptable in our lives, homes and churches. A good thing may not be bad, but is it God? Is what you’re doing a result of what you’ve seen work or something God specifically told you to do? You see, if we are not careful with what we put out and mix with the message we are called to further, it can have a beach effect. You know when you are at the beach playing in the water, having fun, paying no mind and not focused on where you started, which is 99% of the time right in front of your towel, food and chair, and somehow minutes later you look up and see items in front of you on the sand that don’t look like your stuff. Now you stop for a minute and survey the sand, looking left and right to see where your belongings are. Many times when you discover where they are you are now aware of how far you drifted without even knowing. In this moment the thought comes to mind…. How did I get so far from my stuff? I never moved! Or so you thought you didn’t. And just like this the church has drifted from our focal point. Having fun doing church while paying no mind and not focused on where we started, why we started and where we’re going. This can send mixed messages and be confusing. But this weekend is all about the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Luke 24: 6-7 says…..

6 –  He is not here, but is risen: remember how he spake unto you when he was yet in Galilee, 

7 – Saying, The Son of man must be delivered into the hands of sinful men, and be crucified, and the third day rise again.

This weekend is an expression of God’s love for us. He died having no sin so that you and I could be forgiven for our sins. His act of love is also the greatest commandment He left us with, and that is to love Him first then others. While love is the greatest commandment it has also become the hardest thing for some to do. We not only find it difficult to love others but some find it even harder to love themselves. Because of this we tend to see God and weigh his love from the perspective of what we think we deserve. But his love has nothing to do with who you are, your race, your gender, your nationality, your pass, your belief, your mistakes or even your past and present sin. God so loved the world that He gave His only son… this was over 2,000 years ago… way before you and I were born or even thought about. He loved you so much that He gave what you needed before you even knew you needed it… His son Jesus. He not only loves you but is available to you. He’s real, He’s alive and His desire is to partner with you in relationship so that what He had to go through you don’t have to. You can choose death but it’s only fair to make you aware that life is available if you choose. And it only requires you to do 2 things…. 1) confess and 2) believe. Romans 10: 9-10 says ….” If you “confess” with your mouth that Jesus is Lord and “believe” in your heart that God raised Him from the dead then you will be saved. That’s it? Yes that’s it. If you would say…. You know, I’m ready for something new. I’m tired of living this life the way I am. I am tired of having control and losing control, not knowing who I am or what to do. I just want a change… then I encourage you to take this next step and repeat this ….

“Lord Jesus, I acknowledge that I am a sinner and there’s nothing I can do to save myself. I know because I’ve tried and failed over and over again. I acknowledge that you died on the cross for me because you love me, and that you were raised from the dead. And today I am asking that you come in my heart. Make me whole. Make me new. Give me a new life in you. Thank you Jesus for loving me! Thank you for eternal life! And today I receive my new life in you. In Jesus name… Amen!

If you repeated that, then congratulations. Today is the start of a new beginning, new life and new journey. If you have questions or want more information as to “what do I do now”, let me know and I can help you. If not me, find someone who you trust and know is walking this walk that can help you to walk yours boldly, confidently and correctly. And always remember, no matter what you’ve done or what you will do, “Some “bunny” loves you and that somebody is Jesus Christ.

T’s truth in love! <3