Who are you?

What are you doing?

Where are you going?

Everybody wants to get to the top but very few are willing to do the work required to climb the ladder. Success is not automatically granted but is a result of ones hard work, commitment, dedication and often times the risk one is willing to take. Where we end up and who we become is often attached to where we’ve been, what we’ve done and who we were connected to. Naturally speaking it may be difficult to see the importance of this, but spiritually you understand your very purpose depends on it.

Where we end up as believers is not limited to our experiences in church, however, our experiences in church does play or should play a major role. Sadly church has become less of who we are and more of what we do. I like to call it church’n. Just as the average employer works a job Monday – Friday, Sunday has become the day the average believer attends church…. but it stops there. Church’n to say they went. Church’n to say they served. Church’n as if they are doing God a favor for showing up. But the idea of church’n is also diminishing the relevance, importance and effectiveness of the real church… you and I. While going “to church” is designed to teach us and fuel us to take what we’ve learned out into the world, we are bringing “the church” which is us “to church” which is the building on a half or quarter tank of gas and leaving empty! How and why is that?

Church should be a safe place meaning a place of no judgment. A place where we can go and grow in our knowledge of God and His word. A place we can be supported and encouraged by others walking this same path as we fail and fall, and work to do better so we can become better. A place we can learn about who God is which in turn reveals and exposes us to who we are. A place we can be tried and developed to fully walk in and out our call, and this comes with something nobody really likes….. correction. But safe has become the downfall to the effectiveness of today’s church where we care more about a person’s feelings rather than their soul. So we’ll do and say, preach and teach, correct and instruct from a shallow or surface place. This will always happen when you try to mix your agenda with God’s plan or mix your motive with God’s message. To be and walk like Christ is to do and say what He did. With NO FEAR!!!! But we’ve become afraid because we’ve taken on the responsibility of people seeing us as the ones who wrote the message rather than the one The Messenger sent to deliver it. In other words, we fear people will look at us as harsh, mean, aggressive or to demanding with a message that is not our own, yet one that was given to us to keep us in alignment and in order. Where many leaders have fallen into this place of feeling like they are the ones being seen, it can be a huge sign or indicator that the struggle within is really because they have built their ministry “TO” be seen. Now they obtain a following of people who don’t want to be corrected, don’t want to be challenged and don’t want to be taught in a way that will suggest they need to change. So where does this leave the people? 

It leaves them safe…. but also sitting, soaking, settled and stagnant! The Word was never to promote comfort if your state of being and ways of doing is opposite than the One we are supposed to be modeling our lives after. Life may teach you but church should bring it all together to answer and define the questions in our lives. Who am I? What am I doing? Where am I going? If you can’t answer these then you are just existing. Now one may say, “I’d rather be existing than not existing.” And to that one I would say, “What is existence without purpose?” If you have “no” reason then what is “the” reason?

It’s T time! So let’s talk about it….

John 10:10 tells us “The thief cometh not but to kill, steal and destroy. I come that they may have life and that they may have it more abundantly.” If life was enough then why would He come that we may have “abundant” life? To exist is to have life, but the abundant life is living the life God designed with purpose. Jesus’ death was so you can have a reason, and yet we live life without one. As a Christian whose main purpose and goal is to mimic the life of Christ, to further the message of Christ and to point people back to Christ, you should show up to church not just to say you went, but to get the tools you need to be effective in your walk and strive to be like Him. If being like Him is not your focus as a believer, and your leader is not pushing or promoting you to do so, then you must ask yourself… do they care more about me existing as a number, or more about me being a converted soul that walks out my purpose? The hard truth is…. if you don’t care about your life and are playing it safe, and the ones you are around and connected to are ok with you just sitting and soaking without making you feel uncomfortable about doing so, then they are an assistant to you remaining settled, which will leave you stagnant. If they are not helping you to answer the questions of who am I, what am I doing and where am I going, then WHY are you still connected??? Don’t let these 5 S’s destroy you!

T’s Truth…. w/ Love <3