A week ago today I received a call that no parent wants. Mrs Latisha, Davon got hurt and he’s being taken to the hospital by ambulance. WHAT! Wait, what happened? The many thoughts that went through my head as a client listened and watched me take this phone call. I made the necessary phone call to my husband to make him aware and off to the hospital I went. I am not a fan of hospitals but going wasn’t an option because it was my child who was being taken there. Being greeted by my son’s 2 friends who I consider and call my sons and seeing my son in good spirits was a relief. But the sight of his foot was one that was scary enough to make you stop breathing for a second.

His leg was straight yet his foot was twisted all the way to the side…. with his ankle bone sticking out. Ouch!! Son how did you do this? How are you feeling? Does it hurt? The questions moms ask when they are concerned. Well I knew it hurt…. at least it looked like it…. but I still had to ask lol It’s hard as a parent to watch your children struggle or go through pain and there’s nothing you can do about it. However, I resorted to the one thing that I know works 100 percent of the time…. Prayer! Thank God for my mother who called and came into agreement with me. The next few hours that led into the night and the following morning and day seemed and felt like it would never end. However, it was a journey that gave me a clear visual to a process we all have or will encounter spiritually. This is the process of being broken and reset.

After a few hours of discomfort and being pumped with meds that helped to relieve the pain, my son was taken from the hallway of the ER and placed in a room. Our hopes was that his ankle was just dislocated, but the x rays showed that is was not only dislocated but also broken. And here the process began. They sedated him and brought out this huge needle, to which I had to step out the room because I couldn’t watch what was about to happen next. They injected this needle into his ankle making the pain he was already feeling excruciating. Hearing him moan from the pain is a sound no mother enjoys hearing…. but the discomfort at the moment needed to happen in order for him to get better. Once the meds kicked in they were able to straighten his foot upward to take additional x-rays and then to wrap it in a splint. Now he’s free of pain and his foot looks a little better with it being positioned the correct way. But this was not the end of the story. We were told he would have to stay over night and would need surgery to properly set his ankle back in position so it could heal properly. However, they gave us another option. We could avoid going through the procedure, but there was no promise that his ankle would heal correctly and it had the potential to present other challenges in the future. As much as he didn’t want to, he decided to have the surgery. Now comes all the overwhelming information from one doctor after another as they attempted to make us aware as they prepared him mentally for surgery the next morning. The next few hours seemed to rush by as we got little sleep, and in the blink of an eye the morning was here. More needles, more doctors, more information and more prayer was ordered from the breakfast menu on the rise of Wednesday. Now doctors are informing us of the process in which they will take to get his ankle fixed, and to our surprise they would have to break it once again in order to reset it. It was clear to me! In this moment I could hear and see the natural process in which you and I at some point have to go through in this spiritual walk of ours. And all I could think to myself was OUCH!

It’s T Time! so lets talk about it….

We have all been in a place where physically, mentally, emotionally and even spiritually we’ve felt broken. No not just the thought, but the feeling, the anxiety and the pain of being broken. This is a result of something happening to us, but spiritually what happens to us is never only for us. This was the case of Jesus being crucified. He took the emotional and physical pain for something He did not do nor was proven guilty of for the sake of us being free. In this we have an example that reminds us that in life we will bear crosses that are not meant to kill us, but through what feels like death we will be able to share and help someone else to live. When we go through seasons of being broken it’s not fun, easy nor convenient. In fact it’s not pleasurable, hard and often causes us to be or feel isolated not being able to function as we once did. But just as the surgeon needed to break my sons ankle so that he could properly align it, God often does the same to us. All my son was doing was playing basketball so he wasn’t doing anything wrong. And moments where God chooses to break us it could be the result of nothing we did wrong.

So God! Why are you punishing me? Why are you causing all this bad to happen to me when I’m doing all that you’ve told me to do and all that I know is right? Why would you put me through this if you are such a good God and this good good Father that everyone sings about. Yes! The one even I have sung about, shared about and deep down in my heart know to be more than good. But here I am Lord and I did not do anything to bring this upon myself!!!!!

Being broken is not always a sign of what you’ve done wrong, but an indicator that there’s a greater use for what God has chosen you to do in and through the area in which you are being broken. I am reminded of the story of Job. His story is similar to many of ours in the fact that he faced a trial that tried his faith, but does your confession in the midst of your trail reflect his? Job chapter 1 starts off by saying he was perfect, upright and he feared God. And yet, God allowed him to go through a breaking. However, he understood that trusting God was more valuable and promising than what he encountered. And so He was determined to stay focused on the God of the promise and not the pain in the promise. He said “Though he slay me yet will I trust in him, but I will maintain my own ways before him.” Job 13:15. It is said that when a bone in our body is broken and is healed, that bone is stronger in its new state than it was prior to being messed with. Your breaking is not to kill you, but to make you stronger. However, you must go through the process of healing. But before you encounter a better you, you must be willing to be RESET!

T’s truth in love! <3