Uuuuh! If we could only live life without that four letter word nobody likes. The one that means you can’t have what you want right now. The one that promises some time will pass before you see what you’re believing for. The one that says I don’t have control over when it comes and how it comes. And because I don’t, that means I’m going to have to wait. To wait means that we must go through a journey called the process. The process is a place where we many times encounter pain, sleepless nights, a few bumps and bruises, moments where we contemplate giving up or quitting and find ourselves questioning if what we are waiting for is even worth it. But a little patience goes a long way. It’s a settler that helps you to remain focused on the promise that was given and not the time that it takes before you get it.

Waiting is never easy. However, a baker understands and respects the time that is needed for whatever they are baking because they want it to be completely cooked/done. A pregnant woman may be on her first birth or her fifth, but no matter how ready she is to have the baby she is willing to wait until she’s full term to deliver her precious bundle of joy. And we’ve all watched our favorite team who was loosing a game with only a few minutes left on the clock. In that moment we wished that the clock would slow down or stop running to lend more time so our team could gain points that would put them on top for the win. In these situations we are quick to comply with time because we understand the importance of not wanting to rush the process. But it’s just as important not to rush the process in other cases where we want quick results.

The process may be long, lengthy and stressful at times, but there are several benefits. For one it teaches us to trust God. It’s easy to say we trust Him when we have what we want when we want, but what about when it doesn’t come fast enough. It also strengthens our faith. Why? Because faith is believing what God said even when we don’t see it. Faith is activated when we stay consistent in believing while we’re waiting. Our relationship with God also grows stronger as we stay in communication with Him to keep us grounded and strengthened. And it helps us to STAND!! Stand on the Word and instructions God gives us concerning us waiting on any and everything. So how do we wait?

It’s T time! So lets talk about it….

Philippians 4:6 tells us to be anxious for nothing, but in every situation by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, make your request known to God.

Habakkuk 2:3 tells us the revelation (promise) awaits an appointed time and will not prove false. So though it linger (takes some time) wait for it for it will come to pass.

Psalm 27:14 tells us to wait on the Lord and be of good courage (maintain joy) and He shall strengthen thine heart.

So what is the formula for waiting and being patient in the process of where you are now and what God said…. Wait! Pray! Believe! REPEAT! If it makes you feel any better, even Jesus had to wait. On the day He performed His first miracle the person closest to Him (his mother) pushed Him to do what He could, yet it was not time. How about David? His story is one that is mentioned often, drawing close attention to who he was and what he did, but he too had a process in which he had to endure. He was given the title of king and ran for his life in between being given the title and walking in the promise…. yet he never let go of his responsibility while he was waiting. So let me encourage you. Yes the process is scary! Yes the process is tiring! Yes the process magnifies where you are and what you have more than what the promise said you will have and where it said you’ll go, but God will do just what He said. There is no need to fear or doubt Him because He is a man of His word. If He said it but you still haven’t seen it….. Wait! Pray! Believe! Repeat! Don’t quit! Don’t get ahead of Him! And don’t rush the process!

T’s truth in love…. <3