I choose to live the abundant life God affords me because it is a gift. Although it’s not always easy and it presents its challenges, it is precious, delicate and given to us with a purpose. It’s hard to see through rain especially when it’s pouring. It’s hard to appreciate rain especially when you don’t have an umbrella to protect you. But everybody loves the things that grow from the ground. Rain is not always welcomed but it is necessary. This is life! Sometimes the beauty of life is determined by how you view or perceive it. Take a look through my lenses to see my view….


The effect! The impact! The influence! The force! The sound of music is powerful. Worship was not designed for us, but to be given and released to Him through us. It’s more than just a song or lyrics for me. It is a lifestyle. The way I choose to live. My passion places God at the beginning, center and core of every song.


        – “When you take “He” out of the Heart of Worship, all you’re left with is the art.”

                                                                                                      -Latisha Davis


    God is looking for willingness. Not those willing to do what they want, but those willing to do what He’s called, chosen and assigned you to. Those willing to further the message and make His name great. Ministry is not limited to a pulpit but is more about fulfilling the purpose God placed inside of you. Do you know your purpose? Do you know what your assignment is here on earth? Do you recognize and understand the uniqueness of your fingerprint? Why is this important? Because….


        – “No mark can be left if you never touch what you were designed to touch.”

                                                                                                        – Latisha Davis


Fabrics! Colors! Patterns! All work together to make up fashion. They way you choose to put those fabrics, colors and patterns together creates your style. How you dress is an expression of who you are, how you think and how you feel. So own it! The way I like to describe it is….

– “Style is an attitude!

Fashion is dictated by you!

However, you do it….

However, you wear it….

You must have confidence in it!”

-Latisha Davis